The Stone India has a decentralized organization in which the operating units stay close to the customer and enjoy a high degree of entrepreneurial autonomy. A lean and transparent corporate structure makes for faster decision making and shorter lines of communication. The Workplace is driven by its core values viz. Discipline, Stretch, Support, Trust, Speed & Diversity.


Stone India cultivates a cooperative management style, which ensures that all its members with appropriate expertise participate in the decision-making process. Personal initiative and creativity are fostered through the delegation of tasks, responsibilities and authority.

Stone India's People - the Greatest Asset

Well-trained employee & professionals who are in close touch with the market & customer create the right conditions for sustained growth. Stone India follows the profound “Share Destiny Philosophy” which not only creates a “WIN-WIN” situation for all but calls for the creation of a work environment "in which innovation, mutual esteem and willingness to commit & perform can flourish". To that end Stone India has adopted a simple, flat and transparent management organization & work style. Work by interdisciplinary teams has proved highly effective, allowing each team member to draw strength from the group while pinging his or her own special skills to the collective effort.

Leadership through Teamwork.

Stone India considers it’s employees to be it’s biggest asset. Motivating its workforce and encouraging a spirit of teamwork has propelled Stone India to the position of leadership in the industry.

At Stone India, employees are recruited and promoted purely based on merit. Furthermore, the employees are trained and continuously encouraged to achieve higher levels of qualification and competence. The authorities maintain regular dialogue with all the employees through standard procedures.

Stone India employees are provided with safe working conditions, given meaningful tasks and challenging goals and are empowered with appropriate authority and responsibility. The work environment fosters innovation, openness and leadership qualities.

At Stone India, success is always a true reflection of performance. The company continuously strives to improve the operating and financial performances.

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