Green Initiative

Important Communication for Shareholders

Dear Shareholder,
Date : 20th June, 2011

Subject : Green initiative in Corporate Governance : Go paperless

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs ( "MCA") has taken a "Green Initiative in the Corporate Governance" and has issued Circulars on 21st April, 2011 and 29th April, 2011 interalia stating that the service of various documents by a Company can be made through electronic mode.

Keeping in view the above circulars, it is proposed to send the documents like Notice of the Annual General Meeting, Annual Reports, Financial Statements, Director’s Report, Auditor's Report and Postal Ballot papers etc., for this year and also for future years to you in electronic form at the email address. These documents will be electronically sent to those shareholders, who have already provided their email IDs unless they exercise their option to receive them in physical form by visiting the following Web page of our Registrars.

Those who are holding shares in Demat mode but have not provided the e-mail address are requested to provide the same to their respective Depository Participants immediately. However, those who intend to receive the above documents in physical form, please exercise their option by visiting the following Web Page of our Registrars.

Shareholders, holding shares in physical mode are requested to visit the following web page and register their email IDs and also exercise their option, if they intend to receive the documents in physical form.

Please note that even if you opt for servicing of documents in electronic mode, you are also shall be entitled for free of cost a copy of Annual Reports of the Company and all other documents as mentioned above upon receipt of a requisition from you, any time, as a shareholder of the Company.

We trust that as a responsible citizen of the Country, you will certainly take part in the Green initiative taken by the Ministry and your Company’s desire to participate in such initiative.

Please visit/ click this web page:

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
For Stone India Limited

D. Thakurta
Company Secretary,
Legal & Compliance Officer