Vertical Transportation


In 2011, Stone India looked beyond its conventional Railway Equipment business and introduced Platform Screen Door System to Indian Metro Rail market and achieved success with a prestigious project at Delhi Metro Rail Corporation. This transformation is being looked as a big leap for the company to become a completed system supplier.

On its mission to grow in aforementioned strategic approach and simultaneously looking beyond the conventional railway business Stone India introduced another engineering item which is related to infrastructure development of varied applications and market segments, they are Escalators and Elevators.

India has continued to register high economic growth in the last 2-3 years, despite the global recession. Owing to this growth, the real estate market in India is expanding at a fast pace. Real estate projects in India is expected to touch USD 265 Billion in 2020. It will continue to grow on the back of strong drivers such as high disposable incomes, young workforce, and large base of middle-class households.

Analysts find that the major drivers for the growth of elevators and escalators market are increase in commercial space such as office, retail, and hospitality, demand from new housing units and infrastructure development. One of the key Mega Trends unfolding in India is Urbanization. Under this, the main trends are : development of Mega Cities, Mega Regions, Mega Corridors and Mega Slums, which is anticipated to give a strong impetus to the elevators and escalators market.

Development of monorail, light rail, metro rail, and modernization of existing airports and railway stations, and construction of new airports is expected to gain pace. This also heralds good news for the elevators and escalators market, which would have widespread applications in these projects.

It is extremely important to assess the product quality that is important because escalators & elevators are considered to be a safety device by all means across the world – Stone India is committed to deliver high quality products to create safe vertical transportation solutions.


Passenger Elevator

Panoramic Elevator

Bed Elevator

Freight Elevator

Escalators / Moving Walkway

Passenger Elevator

The passenger elevator adopts gearless permanent magnet synchronous traction machine with neat and compact decoration. The machine room area is largely reduced compared with conventional machine room. It is the new type energy-saving and environmental friendly product designed mainly for high-rank apartment, office building and other places. Traction and energy conservation system is upgraded again-energy feedback system: It is energy conservation and environmental friendly; extending the service life of components; saving input on machine room heat-dissipation devices. Through high-performance EMI filter, the interference caused by renewable energy on other devices in the electric net is avoided.


Passenger elevator control system is a special intelligent serial communication control system with advanced technology, designed in Germany. The system applies industrial field bus technology into the elevator design, providing safe, accurate, and quick performance. Every action of the elevator is under strict control by microcomputer processor. Powerful self-diagnostic function and watchdog system guarantee high efficiency and reliability. Sound interface makes commissioning and modification more convenient, which fully meets the changing requirements of building and passengers.

Mature vector FM&PM inverter technology is adopted for controlling. It perfectly applies the optimum speed changing curve outputted by control system after precise calculation to the running of elevator, eliminating the discomfort during riding, and the speed change happens unwittingly during elevator's starting-up, running and stopping.

Sophisticated field bus technology improves the anti-interference performance of communication and guarantees the reliable operation of the complete machine;

SMT technology reduces the system dimension, improves the anti-interference performance and increases reliability;

Advanced variable-frequency door operator makes the opening and closing of landing door fast and gentle;

Contact self-cleaning contactor produced by famous contactor manufacturer largely improves the working reliability and extend the service life of contactor;

Careful machine room testing methods are both better for installation and safer.

This series of elevator adopts advanced worm gear traction machine. High quality, advanced design idea, high-quality processing, elaborate assembly, and pre-modification on gear with hi-tech computer modification technology, all these have largely improved the loading capacity of traction machine, making the running of elevator more stable and comfortable.

Panoramic Elevator

Panoramic elevator is the moving artwork of the building with precise and appropriate interior structure and passionate appearance. It can not only enable passengers to enjoy the scenery during the running of elevator, but also combine the decoration style and building style together, endowing the building with personality and energy.

It is applicable in various occasions that presenting the construction style and scenery. Humanized design has been fully considered with obviously marked and legible operation button. The installing height is in accordance with human engineering, which is convenient and reliable for operation.


Panoramic elevator owns exquisite shapes. With various car designs like semi-circle type, hexagon type, three-side type, planar type etc, the elevator could meet requirements of different buildings, endow the buildings with personality and vitality and extend the visual space of elevators. Embedded connection is adopted at the joint of car glass and car wall, which guarantees safety and reliability, and at the same time, combines car glass and car wall harmoniously. In the design of upper and lower shrouding, advantages of our company's processing equipment are given full play, making every roll bending and bending precise and accurate.

Bed Elevator

Bed elevator adopts mature control technology, applies the self-developed permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine, and meets the usage requirement of special environment in hospital to the greatest extent during designing. Humanized car design with simple, bright and spacious decoration, friendly and pastel colors, clean and comfortable running space, all these combine with modern medical environment perfectly and harmoniously, build a space full of love and comfort for patients, and assist medical personnel to accomplish the sacred mission efficiently and quickly.


Latest control technology is adopted, making the running of elevator very comfortable and stable with the leveling accurate to millimeter, and bringing doctors and patients to the destination floor unconsciously. Group control elevator adopts advanced group control technology, minimizing the waiting time and realizing rapid rescue.

Advanced variable-frequency door operator makes the opening and closing of landing door more sensitive and efficient; the noise is very low, making passengers feel safer during riding.

The spacious cars with simple and bright decoration, friendly and pastel colors completely satisfy the carrying demands of bed elevator and relieve patients' tension to the greatest extent.

Bed elevator adopts mature control technology, applies the self-developed permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine, and approximately meets the usage requirement of special environment like hospital during designing. Humanized car design with simple, bright and spacious decoration, friendly and pastel colors, clean and comfortable running space, all these combine with modern medical environment perfectly and harmoniously, build a space full of love and comfort for patients, and assist medical personnel to accomplish the sacred mission efficiently and quickly.

Bed elevator adopts multi-pole low speed direct drive permanent magnet synchronous traction machine, without large and inefficient deceleration device. The adoption of field–oriented vector transformation control directly enhances work efficiency, reduces the volume of traction machine, eliminates gear transmission noise and vibration, and saves energy. Fully enclosed design without periodic oiling reduces oil pollution on environment. It is an environmental friendly product with excellent features of high energy-efficient, low noise, maintenance-free and space-saving.

Freight Elevator

Freight Elevator is neat and simple, and it's widely used in supermarket, shopping mall, factory and other places. A neoprene damping method is adopted between the steel beam and machine base, which could reduce the vibration conducted to the car. What's more, the anti-aging performance of neoprene is good enough to delay its failure time. The traction machine adopts worm gear reduction drive, which could get a big drive ratio. The worm is made of tin bronze material, thus the drive owning the good characteristics of stability and low noise.


Freight elevator owns the characteristics of stable running, good performance, safety, reliability and complete specifications, adapted in shopping mall, supermarket, factory, wholesale center, station, store, dock or other structures for freight transportation. It is a new type of freight elevator meeting modern requirement.

It adopts PLC (Programmable logic controller) as the logic control unit of elevator. It runs through PLC interior program, realizing various logic control functions and enhancing the performance and quality of elevator.

The construction is sturdy and durable; various decoration styles could meet demands of different buildings. Door opening types are complete like side-opening door and four panels center-opening door, being able to accomplish bigger door opening width. Advanced variable-frequency door operator makes the opening and closing of landing door fast and gentle. Freight Elevators are specially developed for freight station, big shopping mall, airport and other places. It adopts a new design concept, integrating safety, comfort, energy saving, environment protection and humanized design together.

A new generation of Freight Elevator adopts more reasonable layout and reduces the machine room area further, thereby directly reducing the civil engineering cost and bringing a larger design space for the building. It has high intensity car design and can be competent under various conditions. Accurate weighing switch is used to strictly control load, and non-slip checkered steel plate is used for ground to generate enough friction to prevent the personnel from slipping or sliding of goods even if it is polluted by oil. Cast iron sill of high hardness can withstand high load and not be deformed. 1m/s freight elevator is equipped with specially designed damping body to increase comfort further.

Escalator / Moving Walkway

High-quality steel rectangular pipe is adopted to manufacture the truss of escalator with higher rigidity than conventional steel angle truss and better loading capacity, making the running of escalator more stable and better by adapting to actual operating conditions for large passenger flow; the running track system adopts high-intensity cold-drawn flat steel and high rigidity section steel with high dimensional precision and good wear-resisting property; automatic lubricating device largely reduces the maintenance work; the equipment is real-time monitored through multiple safety protection devices, which guarantees the safety of equipment and personnel to the maximum.


With good performance and stable operation, escalator and passenger conveyor are welcomed and used by big shopping mall and supermarket. Now the technology could cover all categories of products with travel height less than 21m. It is the symbolic products self-developed by national lift industry.

Advanced processing and technical methods are adopted, making a smooth and quiet running and stable performance; it is designed and manufactured according to the EN115 "SAFETY RULES FOR THE CONSTRUCTION AND INSTALLATION OF ESCALATORS AND PASSENGER CONVEYORS" released by European Committee for Standardization. The equipment is real-time monitored through multiple safety protection devices, which completely guarantees the safe and reliable operation of equipment. The ingenious application of man-machine engineering design idea makes the usage and maintenance of products more convenient and rapid, and be welcomed by big shopping mall and supermarket.

Escalator is designed for places with extensive functions. The good performance can both meet the demand of delicate business buildings and places with ordinary equipment.

Escalator is specially designed for magnificently decorated buildings such as department stores, office buildings etc. Passengers can easily hold narrow handrail, which improves the comfortable sense of passengers. Its compact style is harmonious with surroundings, adding stronger modern ideas.

Escalator is public transport escalator specially designed for subway, stations and arcades. It has the continuous running ability with long time and heavy passengers flow. It can work reliably under atrocious environment if equipped with stainless steel balustrade.

Different series of escalators own multiple optional functions that can meet various requirements of customers.

With complete specifications, graceful styles, flexible layouts and ergonomics designing ideas, the running and maintenance of products become more convenient and fast. High-quality new materials and advanced processing method and equipment fully ensure the products to be safe, solid, durable and stable.

Advanced processing and technical equipment is the effective safeguard for providing high-quality products

High-quality steel rectangular pipe is adopted to manufacture truss with high loading capacity, which fully guarantees the running stability of the complete machine and extends the product service life.

The design of stainless steel pallet owns a compact structure, making full use of the construction space, which is of strong durability and artistic beauty; the anti-skid design on the surface of pallets makes customer feel safe and comfortable.

Faults happened during operation could be automatically shown through the display window, making the operation and maintenance more simple and convenient.

Various colors and neat styles of handrail make the surroundings more harmonious and elegant.