Vision, Mission & Values


The Stone India VISION

Our vision is to pursue and consolidate our position of leadership through passion, innovation and teamwork.


The Stone India MISSION

Our mission is to maximize value creation for all the stake-holders of the company through supply of cost effective products, services and innovative solutions through integration of people, technology, processes and business systems.


The Stone India VALUES

Our values encompass every facet and discipline of our work. The business objectives and operations, as well as collective and individual behaviors of Stone India employees, are judged according to the following values. We practice these values to create values for customers, employees, shareholders and the society at a large. It is about creating an organization that is ever changing, yet with a constant expression; of integrity, of trust, of continuity.

Management by Commitment driven by

Clear & well defined standards

Continuous evaluation of performance vis-a-vis standards

Fast Cycle Feed Back


Going beyond what one would normally expect to deliver. How do we do this?

Shared ambition

Creation of collective identity in smaller focused groups



Trust build through

Perceived fairness in whatever we do

Equity in all decision making process

Involvement of wider cross section of people in problem solving

Improvement in individual competences


All of us have to make effort to create a supportive work environment through

Greater availability of resources

Complete decentralization & autonomy in operation

Change from control focus to coaching model


All of us need to perform all our activities with Speed. This means doing things at a rate which are Better than the Best. How do we do this?

Anticipation of events

Proper pre planning

Appropriate usage of scarce resources

Involvement of larger group of people

Working in a team


We should learn to live with greater Diversity. What does diversity mean?

The art of thinking Independently together.